About Us

“SCAD is the bridge between the Engineering and Fabrication steps of your structural steel needs”.
Our goal is to create value for our customers by exercising a high level of efficiency,flexibility and commitment to make all our client’s projects successful.
SCAD is not only providing low cost structural steel detailing solutions but also perfect and reliable services. Steel fabricators are satisfied with our services as they receive high quality error free steel shop drawings from us. Our FTP protocol helps the transfer of data be sent and received easily at both the ends. Our fast broadband internet line enables us to send the jobs on time and faster through FTP. Experienced and skilled steel detailers are our strength. All our steel detailers have good computer skills as well as knowledge of AISC,BS,OSHA rules and other country specific norms.
SCAD is having a team of skilled checkers experienced in planning and scheduling the jobs. We prepare detailed engineering shop drawings and bill of materials as per AISC,ASCE standards from contract Drawings. We use Telka Structures & AutoCAD detailing software to deliver error free,high quality fabrication drawings.

We make all Miscellaneous in Xsteel such as Stairs, Handrails, Ladders and Floor gratings. Our strength is currently two Design Engineers, four checkers and sixteen Detailers (eight gulf returned). Our current capacity is 1200 to 1500 ton (Pipe Rack) per month.
All the shop drawings (Assembly &Part), Erection drawings can be delivered in PDF format and all necessary reports such as Assembly list, Assembly part list, Material list, Bolt list, Bolt location list, NC files and DFX files.
Our time management and Quality control systems ensure timely delivery of high quality steel fabrication drawings. Being one of the steel detailers in India, and our extended work week, we are able to give better turn around time and faster delivery of quality shop drawings. Our flexibility to multiple shifts and double the production helps our clients to avoid idle time in fabrication shop. Our Engineers and Checkers communicate effectively, interact with clients, manage workflow, handle technical queries and meet deadlines efficiently. SCAD is committed to provide perfect steel detailing services and create one of the best structural steel detailing team in India.